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LinkedIn is a career and business related social media for Android devices. This app allows users to build resumes and apply for jobs around the globe.
Jobs and resumes
Firstly, it is possible to look for the desired position and introduce yourself to the company official. Besides, the network can be beneficial to achieving more goals than getting a new job. For instance, everyone, who is occupied in business or needs a professional profile, may join. You are able to log in with Facebook to widen the circles of connections instantly.
Users fill in as many details as they wish. However, the better you describe your education and experience, the easier it may be for a human resources manager to find you on the platform. The prompts help to mention every aspect of your biography, career path and accomplishments in a meaningful way.
In addition to curriculum vitae, you may attach the certifications, licenses and portfolio. It is possible to fill in the expertise you have, including industry, tools and technical knowledge. Also, information on your interpersonal skills, linguistic competence and endorsements can be added.

  • job and career finder;
  • extensive resume and profile;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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