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Letterboxd is a social media Android application for people who love movies. There is a huge database of films from all around the world equally suitable for casual viewers and cinephiles.

Motion pictures
Letterboxd is a cross platform social network aimed to connect movie lovers from all around the world. This app grants access to all the features of the service.
As opposed to streaming services like Netflix, there are no movies themselves. But the app provides detailed information about everything regarding cinematography. The data includes genres, artworks, stills, trailers, full casts, studios and other things. Additionally, every crew member has a complete filmography. Moreover, there is user generated content like ratings, reviews and comments.
The service allows you to create lists of movies, whether your favorite all time classics or fresh releases you are yet to watch. You can share your selections and discuss them with other fans.
Communication, in general, plays a big role in this social media. Every registered user has a personal profile. You can browse, follow or block other members. Naturally, it is possible to leave comments and write reviews.

  • huge database of movie related information;
  • user ratings and reviews help to pick a decent film;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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