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LastPass is a password management tool for Android devices. This app stores sensitive private information like passwords, addresses, bank cards, or personal notes.
Secure and simple
This utility lets its users safely store all their passwords in one place. With it, there is no need to remember different paroles for each app or website. The application keeps them as well as login names. LastPass works with browsers and inserts the information automatically.
The app uses a reliable bank level encryption and does not have the key in the system. Therefore, only you are able to access your data.
LastPass supports synchronization across different devices. It allows users to store addresses and payment cards. There is also an option to create personal notes.
If you need to create a strong password, this utility has an integrated tool for that. It generates a string of random letters, digits, and other symbols. Another feature is the possibility to add trusted persons. They can request access to the stored data in case something happened to the user.
The application requires an active subscription but offers a free trial. If you need even more security, you may check Microsoft Authenticator.

  • keeps your password and other personal data;
  • integrated password generator;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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