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italki is an Android application for effective language learning with native speakers.
Learning languages
There are more than ten thousand teachers registered in the utility to help you learn the language you are interested in. The efficiency of this platform is that users choose the native speaker. Because of this, it is possible to learn not only the language but also all its subtleties, such as pronunciation and speech.
You have the opportunity to select the teacher. Information about their country of origin, specialties and other data is available. On the basis of this you may order a lesson from the favored candidate. Further, if you are satisfied with a trial session, you can continue your studies with the lecture or try to find another person. For individual learning, you have a chance to download Babbel and learn languages in an interactive form.
Note that there are no subscriptions in italki. Users pay for the lesson. Thanks to this, you do not lose your money. In addition, each teacher puts own price on the class. That is, it is possible to choose the option that suits you best.
Another advantage is personalized lessons. First of all, the lessons are one to one and the teacher answers only your questions. Secondly, the classes are based on your requests and the topics you plan to explore.

  • lessons with native speakers;
  • video sessions at your request;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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