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HBO Max is an application for Android that gives you access to the big library of various entertainment titles to watch online.
Available content
The app allows you to watch all movies and shows that are produced by the HBO company along with other popular titles.
You have to buy a paid subscription to use this utility. If you want to watch various content for free, you can use apps like HD Streamz.
HBO Max gives you access to a lot of categories that you can browse and find something interesting to watch. Moreover, there are many topical playlists by professional film critics.
The app also allows you to download movies and watch them offline later. So it is very convenient when you are going to someplace with no internet connection.
Each user has the opportunity to create five different profiles. You can give them to your family members or friends and save money on the subscription. The personal recommendation of interesting titles for each profile will differ as well.

  • provides you with the opportunity to watch entertainment content on your mobile device;
  • you have to purchase an HBO subscription to use the app;
  • allows you to browse various playlists and get recommendations;
  • free download for Android.
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