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YouTube Music – an official application developed by Google. Users can listen to various songs with high quality sound as well as watch popular video clips.
To begin with, it is an official utility from a well known multinational company. Users have the opportunity to stream music from various artists. There is a wide range of genres and songs as well. It is possible to get relevant recommendations based on personal preferences and save favorites to playlist
There is a section with trending songs. Users can be aware of the latest hits from popular artists. In addition, it is possible to find various covers of classical songs and live concerts. YouTube Music provides you with content only of high quality. Just like in SoundCloud, here you may enjoy listening to your favorite tracks with good sound.
Aside from what mentioned above, users can also watch official music videos. There are a lot of popular clips from well known groups and singers. It is possible to stream these videos in high definition.

  • users can listen to music as well as watch clips of various songs;
  • you have to purchase a paid subscription in order to get access to streaming;
  • the APK is free to download and use;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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