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Google Pay is an application for Android that provides you with the opportunity to make purchases via your debit card by using the smartphone.

How it works
The app gives you the ability to link a bank card to the account and use it as a payment method. You can log in with your Google profile in order to get access to the functions of this utility.
You do not need to have a physical copy of the debit card with you. Due to NFC technology that is available on all current Android smartphones, it is possible to pay contactless while shopping.
Furthermore, the app lets you save gifts and loyalty cards, plane tickets along with other passes in the special tab. It is very convenient, as there is no need to bring a wallet with you anymore.
There is the opportunity to attach multiple bank cards and choose between them. Moreover, you can protect the account with a PIN code or fingerprint scan.
The utility synchronizes data between all your devices like Google Home and other applications that are developed by this company.

  • gives you the ability to pay contactless with your smartphone while shopping;
  • it is possible to attach multiple bank cards to your account;
  • you can use a fingerprint scan or PIN code in order to protect your data;
  • free download for Android.
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