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Google Drive is an application for Android that provides you with the ability to store files, photos, videos, and to share with other people.
Cloud storage
This app gives you the opportunity to access your data from any device. There are 15 gigabytes of free space for all users. It is also possible to extend the storage if you need by paying money.
You can easily open any file that was previously saved to your account. There is the ability to edit items and sort them out. Users are allowed to synchronize them between multiple devices as well. You only have to log in under the same profile on each one.
It is possible to create various folders and arrange all your files in the way you want. You are able to save certain items to the Favorites tab and get quick access to them.
Moreover, you are able to share files with other people by simply sending a link to them. You can use Telegram or other popular messengers for this purpose. It is also possible to provide a certain person with editing tools or the ability to leave comments.

  • you can save various files to the cloud storage;
  • there is the ability to synchronize data between multiple devices;
  • it is possible to share links with other people and let them edit files;
  • free download for Android.
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