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BetterMe is a wellness instructor for Android mobile devices. You get a personalized plan for achieving fitness goals using a scientific approach to workout and diet.
Health and Exercises
BetterMe is a complex fitness tool for people who want to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The user can concentrate on different activities, such as losing weight, getting muscles, running, walking, doing yoga, tracking periods, and even meditating. The app tailors a personalized program based on your goals, activity level, and body metrics. Exercises are accompanied by clear text explanations, video examples, and a countdown timer to train along with a virtual instructor. There are also various challenges and an engaging community to keep the motivation up.
The app tracks daily your activity, workouts, food and water consumption, calories, and nutritional value. If the goal is to lose or gain weight, BetterMe offers its members customized meal plans according to their taste, eating habits, and possible health restrictions like allergies. It uses a scientific approach to improve the diet, and there are many simple recipes with a shopping list of ingredients. It is worth noting that there are other apps to help you with fasting, for example, BodyFast.
Full access to all the programs and features requires an active subscription, however, the first three days are free.

  • more than a thousand home and gym workouts of all levels;
  • a personalized meal plan with a shopping list of ingredients;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with current Android versions.
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