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FC2 Video is a Japanese Android application for sharing clips and watching content from numerous members. It is possible to discover thousands of creators, search for topics and build your own video blog.

Modern vlogging
FC2 Video is a Japanese streaming platform with functionality similar to the popular TikTok application. You can search and watch clips posted by other users. The background play is supported by the service. It is possible to follow your favorite creators as well as comment and evaluate the content open to the public.
Additionally, members may publish their own creations to the FC2 Video. Uploaded items can be edited in the My Contents section. Conveniently, users are able to save and edit watch history as well as make the list of favorites with My Album. The player supports continuous streaming, random selection or repeats within the stored collection.
Service provides tools for free video distribution blogging with a homepage and visitor analyzer. Moreover, there are additional functions available with a subscription.

  • numerous video shared with subscribers or public;
  • tools for creating a collection of interesting content;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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