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NetSpot is an application for Android that allows you to use multiple instruments. You can test and improve your WiFi connection.
Available tools
The app gives you the opportunity to see detailed information about your WiFi network. It is possible to check its status and find out if it is working properly. This function reminds of such apps as Speedtest net and other analogues.
This utility is very easy to use. You only need to launch it and connect to your WiFi. NetSpot will analyse it automatically in order to show you a detailed report.
Moreover, the app provides you with the opportunity to see other networks that are available in your location. It is possible to compare them and find the one that is working better than others. There is also the ability to apply various filters in order to search for a certain connection.
Furthermore, NetSpot can help you to solve some problems with your WiFi network. It is possible to find a solution for channel overlap conflict or for signal leakages.

  • gives you the ability to test and analyse your WiFi connection;
  • it is possible to see all available networks nearby;
  • you have the opportunity to find solutions for various problems;
  • free download for Android.
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