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EarlySalary is an Indian Android application for receiving instant loans on personal needs with a tenure of up to two years. Hired professionals in 20 major cities can apply for advances amounting to several lakhs of rupees on their regular wages with flexible repayment schedules.
Salaried professionals
Residents of India above the age of 21 can use this application to receive money for their personal needs if they are hired on a payroll. It is possible to get an electronic salary card with an equated monthly installment payment option. Also, the tech provides tools to monitor and build customer credit scores.
It is worth noting that there is a minimum monthly salary requirement with providing bank account statements. Other terms include income tax permanent number and identification verifiable through the system of the e mAadhaar app.
Though receiving the service is completely paperless and remote, the company is present in main metropolitan areas of India. The major cities include Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.

  • card with the option to buy products in equal installments;
  • credit score building and tracking;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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