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Up Hill Truck Driving Mania 3D

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Get ready for the most addictive & challenging truck driving simulator games like never before. Drive 4x4 giant vehicles in Up Hill Truck Driving Mania with the toughest steep hills and treacherous bumpy tracks like an up hill truck simulators.

There is a huge explosion in a construction building, as a 911 emergency firefighter jumps into a fire truck and reaches the destination. Rush drive fire brigade with speed police car & ambulance backup to save priceless human lives. Turn on sirens & master your firefighting skills in dangerous rescue missions driving maniacs. Use water cannons to extinguish fire and use fire hoses to save citizens stuck in construction buildings in an uphill truck driving simulator. Race to rescue and be ready for an emergency 911 call. As a first responder, transport firemen to the accident spot and park fire trucks near the blaze. Play as a real firefighter truck driver, patrol around a big city in an extreme fire truck driving game.

Collect garbage and other disposal of rubbish material from stinky places and transport them to a recycling plant in a dumper truck. Enjoy a hyper gaming experience by driving a garbage dumpster on city streets and picking up trash from different spots to the junkyard. Forget flying up hill truck simulator games and army truck driving simulation, get ready to drive a huge 4 x4 garbage up hill truck driving hauler with a road sweeper on a mission to clean up all locations.

Buckle up to drive a gigantic 18 wheeler trailer on rugged terrain and treacherous off-road terrain. Fulfill the responsibility of logging truck driver & pick up wood logs from forest to transport them at furniture factory In this free truck driving simulator game, drive among steep mountainous tracks. Go to the lumberjack, collect tree logs with a giant harvester crane and put them in a timber lorry vehicle. Avoid accidents with other city traffic cars & lumber trucks. Go to the petroleum industry, fill your oil tanker and transport gasoline at the gas station. Park your offroad cargo truck simulator games container in a fuel station with a challenging up hill truck jam game.

As a cargo transporter driver, you will be transporting wild animals from the jungle to the city zoo in the latest truck simulator. Drive safely in an animal transporter truck and don’t harm or injure Gorilla, tiger, lion & other dangerous beasts as kids love to watch them in the city animal zoo. Your duty transforms in this transporter truck driving game; you will drive all cargo, big rig & rescue vehicles. Driving a car transport truck with real hill challenges. Drive an auto cargo truck driving maniacs from a downhill town to the tallest hill offroad. Unload cars at a highway auto showroom in an adrenaline filled up hill truck simulator game.

Become king of the road by boosting power and pressing race of monster truck but avoid traffic rules violation otherwise police will arrest you and issue traffic ticket. Get your American truck driving license and become a good driver by passing difficult hurdles and obstacles to create an urge & adventurous spirit. Enjoy this newest transport driving simulator game Up Hill Truck Driving Mania in truck simulator games with lots of thrill and excitement.

Drive different 4x4 truckers to race, park and transport cargo.
Unlock new uphill trucks with realistic vehicle physics.
10 action packed cargo challenging truck simulator games missions.
Realistic city & offroad environment.
Show complete madness by performing craziest stunts on treacherous paths.
Outstanding HD graphics and sound effects.

Download Up Hill Truck Driving Mania right now to test your patience in driving mania, giant vehicles on tricky roads to become the best up hill truck driver champion.
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