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Dropbox is an application for Android that allows you to use cloud storage in order to keep important files there.

Main functions
The app provides you with the opportunity to save space on your device and always have access to files. It is quite similar to Google Drive, as this utility also uses cloud storage technology.
There is the ability to manage the files in the way you need. It is possible to create multiple folders for each group of documents.
The application allows you to upload files of various formats. Users can keep texts, photos and videos in their storages.
Dropbox also provides you with the opportunity to share access to any document with other people. You only need to send them a corresponding link. There is also the ability to allow users to edit your files.
You can download this app for free. However, it is necessary to purchase a subscription. There is a 30 days trial period for all new users. It is possible to test the utility during this period and pay for it afterward.

  • this app gives you the ability to keep important files in the cloud storage;
  • it is possible to share access to documents with other people;
  • there is a 30 days trial period available for all new users;
  • free download for Android.
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