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Wallet is a popular personal finance manager for Android devices. This app helps users save money, plan their budget and handle accounts.
Automatic bank sync
Firstly, the utility offers a secure synchronization with your bank accounts. It helps you to stay in control of your everyday spending. Wallet supports more than 3500 banks. Transactions are categorized and placed within set budgets automatically. Those may help you plan your purchases and save money.
Moreover, you are able to choose the goals for funds economizing. It is possible to close off debts, save for retirement or buy something expensive. Additionally, users can manage their mortgage and pay the bills. The utility offers weekly reports of your expenses and income. Infographics and accounts summary may give an insight into the state of your finances. The overview includes details across all cards, debts and cash.
Similar to the Spendee app, there is an integrated shared budgeting feature. In other words, you can invite family, friends or colleagues to contribute to the money handling together.

  • automatic categorization of expenses;
  • weekly reports about the state of finances;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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