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Daily Burn is a fitness instructor for Android mobile devices. This app allows you to train at home by doing workouts designed for various goals like gaining muscle or losing weight.
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Above all, you can get video instructions for routines with no need for a gym or additional equipment. Besides, the training plan is customized to your objectives, fitness level and favorite disciplines. It is possible to burn calories, tone the body as well as get stronger and more flexible. Weight, activity and nutrition trackers are included.
In other words, Daily Burn offers thousands of workouts. Those include mobility, dance, pilates, HIIT, kickboxing and strength training. The user may select the specific goals for their bodies to reach, like lean arms, defined abdominal muscles, strong legs and round glutes.
For alleviating mental stress, you can add classes of yoga, meditation and stretching when you have time around the day. Moreover, postnatal exercises may assist young mothers to get the body tone back with a caring regimen.
Additionally, various challenges are available with the app across the community of people getting fit. They help to stay engaged and focused on following healthy routines. For a more complex approach to losing weight, you can check personalized meal programs in addition to training, similar to those offered in BetterMe and Sweat.

  • home workouts with zero needed equipment;
  • suited for different activity levels, goals and favorite exercises;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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