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Reading Eggs is an Android application that helps children learn to read.
You will find a large number of interactive reading games that will teach your child and help master this skill. The curriculum has been developed by experienced primary school teachers who also use this tool during their lessons.
There are programs for children of different ages. For each category, specific skills have been developed. For example, boys and girls from two to four years of age learn preliminary reading, phonemes and alphabets. Youth between the ages of three and seven study new vocabulary and spelling. Plans are designed for kids between the ages of two and twelve.
Reading Eggs developers built a convenient system of motivations that brought children into the process. There is a system of rewards, the ability to collect pets and special games. So the child is involved with an important process that is interesting and interactive.
There is an option to view the results. Parents can obtain detailed progress reports and track the growth of skills. If you want your child to learn multiple languages from a young age, you have a chance to install Memrise. The study is also realized here in game form.
Please note that the application is paid. You can get acquainted with the functionality within a month. Next, you need to make a subscription.

  • programs for children of different ages;
  • interactive learning process
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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