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Bet365 is an application for Android that allows you to bet real money on various sports events online with the help of your phone.
The app is pretty similar to its other popular analogues such as 1xBet and others. On the home page, you can choose the type of sport you are interested in. There are football, hockey, baseball, basketball, as well as many others.
It is possible to pick any event and place a bet on it. You can see the detailed information about the match and how much money you can win. Moreover, there is the ability to analyze statistics of teams or players and which is a very useful feature.
The app provides you with the most recent news from the world of sport as well. There is the ability to know all about the important transfer and check out the schedule of matches for the further week or month.
You can add money to your account by using your debit card or other online payments methods. When you win, it is possible to withdraw your prize the same way.

  • gives you the ability to place bets on various sports events;
  • you can see detailed information about matches and statistics of teams and players;
  • there is the opportunity to read the recent news and check the schedule;
  • free download for Android.
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