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Kindle – an official Android application from Amazon company. Users can have access to a large online library full of various electronic books. It is possible to read and listen to them.
Users have the opportunity to buy official electronic books and read them at any time they would like. There is a wide range of genres that may be interesting for most readers. First of all, you can check the latest bestsellers from well known authors and politicians. It is also possible to find classical pieces which received widespread critical acclaim.
Remarkably enough, the utility is the official service provided by Amazon, as well as Amazon Alexa. Therefore, users can make payments for the books without any doubt. There are categories that help you to navigate through the pages. When you find an interesting book, it is possible to read the description of it, as well as check other relevant recommendations.
Aside from buying and viewing books, as mentioned before, users can read or listen to them. After you purchase a certain book, there is the opportunity to open it in the app.

  • possibility of purchasing, reading and listening to electronic books;
  • you can log in with your Amazon account;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • full compatibility with current Android versions.
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