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Dog and cat food calc is an Android application for planning, tracking and analyzing pet nutrition. Animal owners can regulate the healthy raw diet intake with the guide to portion sizes, protein to fat balance calculator and feeding timetables.
Feeding diet models
This application assists pet owners who choose a prey and raw diet to feed their animals. It is worth noting that felines are obligate carnivores. However, a dog may eat biologically appropriate fresh foods and live on a hybrid model. This tech allows members to control the healthy levels of macronutrients in the menu.
There are info charts for assembled different animal sources like beef tripe or chicken wing with nutrition data tracking. Conveniently, you can complete the feeding guidelines of balancing muscle meat to edible bone, liver and other secreting organs.
Users may create recipes and calculate the values of grind mixes. It is possible to add products to batches for planning meals and shopping lists ahead. If you prefer to feed your pet commercial packaged food, you can order the recurring delivery in the Chewy app.

  • individually balanced diet tracker for each pet;
  • recipes, meals and bathes for planning;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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