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Fabulous is an Android application that helps users develop good habits such as correct nutrition, regular workouts, healthy sleep, etc.
The utility makes a personal plan for you, performing which you gradually develop valuable habits and change your life for the better.
When registering, you need to pass a test based on which Fabulous makes you challengers. Your program will include daily tasks that help you to achieve your goals. Gradually you will build up a set of useful habits and change your routine.
In addition to the tasks you will find tips, motivational quotes and audio messages from developers. This support motivates users and helps them not to give up on the desired goal.
It is worth noting the inspiring interface and visualization of the application. Your daily tasks are presented as a real journey to a new interesting life. Besides, the whole process is complemented with beautiful music. Thus, the utility becomes not just a tracker, but a fascinating game. If you are close to the magic visual apps, then pay attention to Relax Melodies.
You have a chance to start your journey for free. Within a week you are able to appreciate the benefits of Fabulous. If you see any real profits and want to move on, you can subscribe.

  • beautiful interface and sound filling;
  • detailed instructions and useful tips;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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