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Tabata Timer – an Android application which provides access to an eponymous timer for workouts. You can have sets of your daily physical exercises.
How it works
Users are able to activate Tabata Timer and do physical activities. As usual, there are eight cycles with a duration of 20 seconds for each cycle and 10 seconds to rest between them. In other words, this is quite an intensive training system that allows you to workout as effectively as possible.
On the main screen you can activate the timer and start exercising. It is important to breathe correctly especially during intervals between each cycle. There is the possibility to use a sound alarm which will tell you the time to start having a rest or doing workouts. Aside from that you are able to pause the training at any time if necessary.
As well as in S Health, there is a section with activities. You can create a personal list of workouts and stick to the plan. Moreover, it is possible to adjust settings of the app. For example, there is the ability to determine the preparation time in seconds.

  • users can workout effectively on time with short intervals;
  • app demonstrates ads that can be removed in Premium;
  • the APK is free to download and use;
  • full compatibility with actual Android versions.
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