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Publish Date: February 21, 2019
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offers a fresh and unique web browser with its gesture-based navigation, tab Manager, customizable gesture controls that trigger many features.
Smooz has been featured on over 30 media articles in Japan, including TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Engadget, etc.

Working with smooth styling:

  • Hold the link to open it in a new tab. Swipe left and right to change tabs. Scroll through the search icon to close the tab.

Gesture-based navigation:

  • Gestures can be configured to activate many features, such as open bookmarks, private mode activation, tab closure, page translation, and more.

Private mode:

  • Browse without leaving browsing / search history and cookies.

Main function:

  • Hold the link to open in a new tab in the background
  • Swipe left and right to switch tabs
  • Check the comments of other users on the website you are visiting
  • Private mode
  • Quick access to your favorite websites faster
  • Tabs for quick and easy access
  • The Manager of Tambov
  • Close all current tabs and organize tabs
  • Gestures

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