Publish Date: May 31, 2019
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Blocktopograph — with this application, You can find out where the nearest village or what some danji. Also, the application is useful for fans to build huge maps, where it is quite easy to get lost, You can make a full screen, and then specify the desired labels, such as spawn, mobile arena, and so on, and then take a screenshot of your map and share it with a friend and the map, so he did not get lost.

Main feature:

  • Ability to expand in full screen (for screenshots);
  • Ability to divide the map into small squares (easier to navigate by them);
  • All the mobs are markers (icon, which will show the location of the mob);
  • Spawn and the player have a token;
  • You can view a map of the lower world, caves, biomes.

All available versions of Blocktopograph

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