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Publish Date: March 12, 2019
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BlackBerry Keyboard — provides a choice between a virtual touch keyboard and a physical keyboard to improve typing speed and accuracy. Open the slider to close the touch keyboard and free up useful space on the screen. Opens a full-featured physical keyboard, which can also be used as a touch trackpad for scrolling and precise cursor control. Moreover, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to physical keys to start device functions.

BlackBerry keyboard consists of a number of components, the sharing of which can improve the efficiency of the device:

  • Fully updated physical keyboard for more accurate typing and control as well as convenience due to the improved ergonomics.
  • Touch keyboard, which has no analogues on the market, allows you to increase the speed of the device.
  • An additional set of on-screen virtual keyboards for touch input and quick access to the most important text elements
  • An intelligent input mechanism that provides the ability to learn and memorize frequently typed words and then output these words as suggestions when typing using the keyboard.
  • A set of software functions that allow you to assign keyboard shortcuts to user-defined words and phrases, etc…

Main function:

  • Quick and easy typing with the famous BlackBerry keyboard, which offers automatic error correction, prediction of the next words and a personal dictionary.
  • Increased efficiency through training and personalization. As you learn the user’s writing style and the words they choose, the typing accuracy of the keyboard increases.
  • Text selection and precise cursor control make it easy to format the text you are typing properly, giving it a complete and professional look.
  • Settings that allow you to control all aspects of the keyboard.

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