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Publish Date: March 12, 2018
Updated Date: June 25, 2019 in 4:25 am
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By installing Automatic Call Recorder APK, you can record all calls in different formats. If you need to remember what the conversation was about, you can simply listen to it from the archive.


You can decide which calls to record and which not. Immediately after the call is complete, a menu will appear prompting you to save, delete, or listen to the recorded conversation.

You will be given a few seconds to make a choice. If you do not have time to press the corresponding button or do not wish to do this, the recording will be saved automatically, which is very convenient. All recorded calls are stored in the Inbox.

However, if you wish, you can move this folder to a memory card. You can also set the size of this folder yourself. The number of recorded calls depends only on the amount of free memory on the phone.

Main advantages

If you want to save some important call, you can easily do this by selecting the appropriate function. If you do not save important recordings, the automatically saved audio will be deleted automatically as new ones appear. If you want to find a saved entry in your inbox, you can search by note, contact information and phone number.

Here you can download Automatic Call Recorder Pro for Android absolutely free

Record any calls, and then choose which ones to save and which ones to delete if they mean nothing to you. Note that you can save records not only on your smartphone, but also in the cloud storage Google Drive ™ and Dropbox.

Automatic Call Recorder for free download has all the necessary settings, including the recording format, volume, notifications, etc. In addition, the application has two different themes, which competitors, for example CallRecord, cannot meet.


  • automated call recorder for incoming and outgoing voice calls;
  • manual and automatic recording of conversations;
  • registration of telephone conversations;
  • select recording format (MP3 or WAV);
  • synchronize calls to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • writing filter feature allows you to record all calls, contacts, or only unknown numbers.
  • call answering.

 Special abilities

  • application can be started with a sharp movement of the device;
  • after each call, the option menu appears;
  • in the program’s functionality there is a convenient search, thanks to which you can search for contacts by name or phone number;
  • full record of all incoming and outgoing calls;
  • number of entries is unlimited.

The application allows you to automatically save records of all calls. To do this, simply set a certain mode in the settings. In addition, you will be able to independently determine the desired recording quality. The higher it is the more space will be occupied by the saved file.

If your device does not have enough memory to save each conversation, drop them all into a special Dropbox cloud. The program is able to automatically synchronize with the repository in the future and send records there. From there it is possible to extract files or simply to listen to them in the future.

Automatic Call Recorder APK allows the user to independently select the required memory size in the smartphone, in which important conversations will be stored. It can be limited by the number of calls, megabytes or by the date of calls.

The application is made in a contrasting design and has a very easy to understand interface. For greater convenience of customers, the entire menu is divided into sections. To hide personal information from prying eyes, the program can be protected with a pin code. Automatic Call Recorder app will be a great assistant to its owner and in some cases will help prove the correctness in questionable disputes.

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