Aquarium Assistant

Aquarium Assistant

Publish Date: May 7, 2019
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Aquarium Assistant — whether you want to check the state of the water last month, the wildlife population, or the state of the plants,you’ll find it all in one place. The app works for freshwater, marine, brackish and shrimp aquariums. The dashboard appears as the default application screen. There are the latest water parameters, current and upcoming tasks and other information. You can also view, create and edit aquarium data. In addition to the basic data, such as the name and capacity of the aquarium, you will see the latest water parameters added to this tank.

Peculiar properties:

  • Manage multiple aquariums.
  • Works with freshwater, marine, brackish and shrimp aquariums.
  • Enter water parameters and view them on the chart.
  • Activity tracking-add activity notes and photos.
  • Unit converters
  • Target calculator
  • Notes created by the evaluation index and the dosing calculator
  • Track your expenses in predefined categories.
  • Check the correlation between the three freely selected water parameters.
  • The countdown timer water parameters.
  • Easily share your water parameters.
  • Track animals, plants, equipment and create galleries for them.
  • Create fertilizer plans and use them to create a task list.
  • Manage current, upcoming and overdue tasks..
  • Backup and restore data locally and from Google drive.
  • The estimated index dosing. Calculator.
  • Templates for macro and micro fertilizers.
  • Share your settings of the evaluation Index

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