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The Voice Karaoke is a library of hits to sing along to, an artistic society, and an audio and visuals editor on your Android device.

The Voice Karaoke Songbook

Karaoke stardom

The main function of the app is to help you to sing. It could be a solo or a duet with a friend. Or even with a stranger from the engaging community of performers all over the world.

You can choose between new recordings and classical pieces in various categories and check the most popular ones. The curated collection is divided by genre. There is rock, pop, rap, and country among others. Users are able to select karaoke to set the mood, browse by the decade of release or check soundtracks of their favorite movies. Kids are also welcome to train their vocals and show talent, a lot of children songs are available.

Settings allow you to access artists from other countries and songs in foreign languages, like German, Italian, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish, Korean, and ten others. It is also possible to create your own records. Integrated tools help to arrange and edit the tunes and even add visual effects to video clips.

There are other karaoke applications for people who are fond of music, for example, StarMaker.


  • singing along with artists from around the globe;
  • improvement of your records with sound editing technology;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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