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Last version: 1.13.0

Smappee – an Android application that allows users to connect their mobile device to an eponymous energy monitor. Thus, it becomes possible to analyze and control the consumption of electricity, gas and water.

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Users can find out how much energy is consumed in their house everyday. The app provides you with actual information about your electricity, water and gas. In order to have access to this data, you have to connect your smartphone to an energy monitor made by a company Smappee.

Thanks to a detailed overview, you are able to manage the consumption and stick to your budget. Moreover, the notifications do not let you forget about paying bills on time. You can use a convenient app called Paytm in order to make fast payments.

Aside from monitoring, Smappee allows you to control the consumption of energy, gas and water. It is possible to see most expensive appliances and add a scene of production. In other words, you can automatically turn off smart devices when they exceed a certain number of watts.


  • an official service that helps you keep the consumption of energy on track;
  • you can control smart devices via your smartphone;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • full compatibility with current Android versions.
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