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SlowCOVIDNC is an application for Android that allows you to get notifications if you have contacted a person who is infected with the coronavirus.

Slowcovidnc Exposures How it works

The app is developed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. It provides citizens of the eponymous American state with the ability to contribute to the fight with COVID 19. 

You have to provide the application with access to your current location as well as Bluetooth. In case there is a person nearby who has the coronavirus, the utility will notify you. The system is anonymous and you never know any personal information about other people.

Moreover, there is the ability to notify users if you have a positive test result. SlowCOVIDNC will warn all people who you have contacted, so they could take measures.

There is also the opportunity to find a lot of useful information about the coronavirus. You can find advice on treatment or contact the closest hospital. It is similar to such apps as COVID Alert CT.


  • provides you with the opportunity to get notifications about dangerous contacts;
  • it is possible to share your test result anonymously and warn other people;
  • the application is developed for citizens of North Carolina;
  • free download for Android.
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