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Last version: 6.0.2

Simply Piano is an Android application for learning how to play the instrument. This handy utility is able to teach you even if you do not have a music education.

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Tons of songs

Users can quickly pick up the basics of playing piano with this award winning app. It is possible to use the tech with all kinds of MIDI keyboards as well as a real analog instrument. Moreover, there are touch screen keys in case you have nothing except your mobile device. In other words, the software is able to turn your smartphone or tablet into a virtual piano. However, the learning efficiency of this approach can be notably worse.

The application offers a couple of dozens of courses starting from the very basic ones. You do need to have any proficiency with the instrument to begin. Naturally, the difficulty gradually rises. In the end, the whole available content matches approximately two years of usual learning.

Besides theory, tips and advice, Simply Piano got a collection of music for you to play. There are popular songs in various genres as well as famous classical compositions. By the way, you can always get new ideas on what to play by listening to your favorite tunes on Apple Music.


  • courses cover two years of piano learning;
  • suitable for beginners;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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