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Simple Habit – an application for Android with the opportunity to create daily meditation practise. Users can try to relax, reduce stress, improve their focus and at last sleep better.

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There is the possibility of having short but effective meditation practices. Especially, users with busy schedules and hard work can attend these relaxing lessons and reduce stress. Moreover, the app allows you to find a personal teacher and start meditating in accordance with your issues.

Users can set daily reminders so it would be easier to get themselves prepared for meditations. It is also better and more effective to have practices at the same time every day. You will eventually get the habit of teaching yourself to relax and yet stay focused on a certain activity.

As well as Calm, here users can find personal recommendations and interesting practises. However, the content is fully available after you purchase a premium subscription. You have to enter your credit card and make the payment.


  • ability to learn how to meditate and relax within five minutes;
  • availability of mental experts and motivational talks;
  • the APK is free to download and use;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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