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Last version: 3.32.1

Ring – an application for Android that provides users with real time crime and safety alerts. You can connect your mobile device to a doorbell with a camera and see if there are any visitors near your house.

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To begin with, it is an official app from an eponymous company providing users with safety devices. Thus, users have the opportunity to connect a smartphone to this device and see what is going on in their living area. Moreover, there are notifications from your neighbours that inform you about possible crimes.

The application allows you to be aware of all activities that happen in front of your house in real time. You can work in your office or have a holiday and check if everything is okay at home.

It is worth noting that the doorbell from Ring is quite effective and does not require frequent charging. The battery life of this device can last up to one full year.

Moreover, there are additional possibilities for users with subscription. For example, you can save videos taken from the camera of a doorbell and share them via Messenger Lite.


  • you can provide your own house with safety alerts;
  • the doorbell shows video in real time;
  • the APK is free to download and use;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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