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Minuum Keyboard

Publish Date: March 12, 2019
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Minuum Keyboard — innovative virtual keyboard for minuum smartphones. The innovation lies in the location of the buttons: the usual QWERTY-keyboard as it is folded in a row, so that each button is obtained by three letters.

Typing on a smartphone or tablet is inconvenient not only because of the lack of tactile feedback, but also because the keyboard covers half the screen. The creators of Minuum solve this problem so: take the usual QWERTY-keyboard and “flatten” it vertically, having built almost in one row: Q a Z W s X E d C. With this arrangement, the usual position of the letters will remain, and the lack of information about the vertical position of the letter and the inevitable inaccuracies are quite easy to compensate with the help of dictionaries and recognition algorithms that have become almost standard applications on any smartphone. If you need an exact set, for example, in the case of passwords and URLS, the desired letter or number can be selected in the instantly appearing when you touch the enlarged fragment.


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