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Last version: 6.0.23

Polarr is an application for Android that provides you with a set of advanced tools for photo editing.

Polarr Tools Styles and effects

The app has all the basic features for working with images. You can crop and combine pictures, adjust their parameters such as brightness or contrast, regulate saturation and so on. Other analogues on the market like InShot, for example, give you the same opportunities. 

The utility also has a big library of masks and filters that help you to find the right mood for the image. You can add special effects and various objects to the original photo. 

There are also the abilities to use the double lens effect and to adjust the depth of different colours. Moreover, you can use the function of face recognition with the help of artificial intelligence. That can be very useful if you have a lot of photos of various people and you need to filter them. 

It is worth mentioning that this app provides you with the ability to adjust the pictures at multiple layers.


  • lets you edit photos with the help of various tools;
  • it is possible to apply filters and masks along with special effects;
  • you can work with image on multiple layers and use the face recognition function;
  • free download for Android.
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