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Last version: 1.3.0

Pokemon HOME is an application for Android that gives you the opportunity to collect fantasy animals and compete with other users.

Pokemon Home Trade Main functions

The app provides you with the ability to create a new account or use one from your Nintendo Switch system. It is possible to choose a nickname, set an avatar and pick your favourite pokemon in the beginning. 

There is the opportunity to start extending your collection and acquire new creatures. Moreover, users can exchange pokemon with each other.

The application has a convenient interface that allows you to easily browse your collection. It is also possible to see detailed information about any pokemon along with its pictures.

There is a rating system that provides you with the ability to compete with other people. The more creatures you gather, the higher your rating becomes. 

Pokemon HOME reminds of other apps that allow users to collect and trade certain items. For example, Quidd lets you gather special cards.


  • provides you with the ability to gather the collection of pokemon;
  • it is possible to trade your creatures and exchange them with people;
  • there is the ability to gain rating and compete with other users;
  • free download for Android.
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