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PocketGuard is an application for Android that allows you to monitor all your finances in one place. You can control your spendings and incomes.

Pocketguard Spendings

Control over money

This app gives you the opportunity to gather information about all your funds in one place. It is possible to get access to actual data at any moment and use multiple helpful financial tools.

PocketGuard reminds of YNAB and other applications that allow you to control money. You have the ability to synchronize your bank accounts with this utility in order to get updated information about the finances.

It is possible to get detailed reports about your spendings during a certain period of time. You can see how you spend your money usually and find a way to cut expenses.

Moreover, PocketGuard allows you to save money for certain purposes. You are able to set a goal for yourself and the app will help you to achieve it gradually.

Furthermore, you get the ability to see the list of all your paid subscriptions that are currently active in order to get rid of unwanted ones.


  • lets you monitor all your spending and find ways to save more money;
  • you have the ability to synchronize the app with your bank accounts;
  • it is possible to set financial goals for yourself;
  • free download for Android.
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