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Last version: 15.7.10

PicsArt is an application for Android that allows you to work with videos and images in the multifunction editor.

Picsart Interface Various tools

The app provides you with a set of multiple instruments for editing visual content. It reminds of InShot as the functionality is quite similar. 

You can use colour correction tools, and more than ten filters, stickers, and emojis. Finished photos are easily altered to the desired format. You even have the ability to customize posts to the requirements of Facebook or Instagram.

It is possible to cut, copy, move, stretch, and enhance images. The brightness and the contrast controls will help you achieve the desired range of colours in the photo. There is also the ability to adjust the sharpness, brightness and overall temperature of the image.

The video editor has the option of cutting video clips and compression. The menu has built in automatic effects. There is a tool for creating a presentation by combining several images with dynamic change. Users can convert videos to a new format or change the aspect ratio to post online.


  • the application provides you with tools for editing photos and videos;
  • there are various filters and effects available;
  • you can use the format of the items;
  • free download for Android.
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