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Photoshop Camera is an Android application based on artificial intelligence. The utility allows you to apply different filters and effects to photos in real time.

Photoshop Camera Portraits


Users have the opportunity to create spectacular portraits, landscapes and pictures of food with efficient edit. You have a chance to apply filters in real time or try them onto images from your library.

There are a large number of filters. You may choose your own settings as well as provide this for Photoshop Camera. The app knows which effects should be applied when there are insufficient lighting and other moments. So, the application provides the best result.

It is worth mentioning Portrait Controls. The utility makes a beautiful bokeh as in professional cameras, optimizes lighting to eliminate the appearance of sharp shadows on the face. This gives users a beautiful portrait. The feature can also be applied to group portraits.

It is possible to shoot a high quality photo and share it immediately on social media. Overall, the process of photography and editing becomes fast. If you want to add noise and other details, then you may do it in Photoshop.


  • real time filters and effects;
  • beautiful pictures in portrait mode;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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