Gallery Go By Google Photos

Gallery Go by Google Photos

Publish Date: July 27, 2019
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Gallery Go by Google Photos —this is a handy photo and video management app developed by Google. It will help you:

  • It’s faster to find the photos you need because they’re automatically grouped together.
  • Bring your images to perfection with a variety of editing tools, including auto-correction.
  • To save bandwidth, as this compact application can run in offline mode.

Every night Gallery Go automatically organizes your photos into groups: “People”, “Selfies”, “Nature”, “Animals”, “Documents”, “Videos” and “Movies”. Thanks to Gallery Go, your files will always be in order. You can spend less time searching for the right pictures and share them with your friends and family*. Gallery Go provides convenient tools for editing photos. For example, with the help of auto-correction, you can turn your picture into a masterpiece with one touch. Organize your photos the way you want with folders. You can also view and copy pictures stored on SD cards and move them from one SD card to another.

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