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Last version: 4.4.6

Parlor – an Android application where users can interact with each other and meet new friends. It is also possible to speak on interesting topics for discussion and make calls online.

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Social talking

The utility allows users to connect and talk to each other. You can create an account, enter your email and start finding new friends. There is the opportunity to make direct calls and speak without limitations. During these calls you are able to adjust the volume of your microphone.

In order to meet relevant people, you have to provide your personal information, including age, gender and region you are currently living. After that it is easier to find new friends and even a partner for a serious relationship. It is worth noting that Parlor allows you to edit your profile at any time you would like to.

As well as on Twitter, here users can talk on various topics. You may offer your friends to have conversation about business, politics and entertainment. It is up to you to select a relevant topic for discussion and invite other members of the community.


  • a social platform with the opportunity for users to interact with each other;
  • you can invite your friends and make private calls online;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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