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Last version: 2010.1

Pandora – an Android application with the possibility of streaming high quality music. There users can get personal recommendations, podcasts and top picks.

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Audio streaming

Users can install this utility and start listening to music both offline and online. Once you have made a subscription, you are able to download favorite songs and have access to them without an internet connection.

There is a wide range of genres. Users can get daily recommendations based on what they usually stream and like as well. The app allows you to make personal playlists and enjoy listening to their favorite songs or albums during working, training and other activities.

Aside from music, it is also possible to stream podcasts. Users have the opportunity to discover interesting series and save them on their mobile device.

Notable, the application is not available in some regions. If you have difficulties in having access to a streaming platform, you can check other services, in some ways similar to this one. For example, it is possible to download SoundCloud.


  • users can listen to music and podcasts;
  • possibility of making personal playlist consisting of favorite songs;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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