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Pacer is an Android application where you can track distance and burn calories. In addition to the step meter, you will find many other features that will help you get into shape.

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You have the ability to control your physical activity and step statistics. When you first start the utility you need to specify your weight and height, and most importantly choose goals. With this information it is possible to see trends in weight, calories spent and kilometers. So you are able to see how quickly you reach your goals.

You do not need any extra tools to track distances. Moreover to the step meter, there is a GPS tracking option. This way you will see your routes on the map.

Personal account has a Workouts section with different walking and fitness programs. You choose a plan based on your level of preparedness and goals. The exercises are recorded in video format. Also, there are audio files so that you can learn more about the technique of workouts.

Pacer is synchronized with a similar Fitbit application. It is worth noting that the utility is paid. Developers offer a seven days trial period.


  • detailed statistics of steps, distances, calories and weights;
  • use of utility without additional devices;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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