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Last version: 6.8.201210

Otsimo is an Android application with more than a hundred educational games for children with special needs. It helps to develop motor and cognitive skills as well as learn many fundamental concepts.

Otsimo Assessment

Special attention

The app is designed for persons with learning disorders, autism, attention deficit, down syndrome and other diagnoses. It is a structured collection of games that teach basic skills through matching, drawing, ordering and so on. Otsimo was developed under the supervision of special education professionals.

Besides engaging a childs cognitive and motor skills, these games can also help with understanding fundamental concepts. The topics include letters, numbers, words, colors, emotions, animals and many more.

Additionally, Otsimo has an integrated Alternative and Augmentative Communication or AAC tool. It allows special persons to communicate with their family and friends by tapping buttons and lining up images.

If you are looking for more content, you may also try Ria Rabbit. It is an educational app for children with entertaining cartoons.


  • hundreds of games that teach fundamental skills;
  • integrated AAC instrument to help special children communicate;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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