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OneBooster is an Android application that helps to clear a mobile device of junk and extra cache.

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The utility allows you to remove unnecessary files that slow down the operation of your smartphone. With the tools, you can free space for new data and delete needless content. For this purpose, you may download an alternative application called DO Cleaner.

OneBooster has an intuitive interface. Users delete redundant and temporary files with a single click. The smart service filters out the trash correctly, keeping the data that is important to you.

There is an option to increase mobile phone productivity. Once the RAM is released, you can perform a speed test to check how fast your smartphone is running.

The application switches your utilities into hibernation mode. This function helps to save the battery charge and prolongs its service life.

OneBooster also acts as an antivirus. It scans all files for viruses and, in case of detection, removes malicious data and applications. Moreover, the utility protects users privacy with a free TRUSTLOOK certified system.


  • possibility to optimize and accelerate a smartphone in one click;
  • there is a free antivirus program;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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