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Omvana is a meditation app for Android mobile devices. This application offers soft music, voice guides, timers and lessons for various preparation levels including beginners.

Omvana Meditation

Peace of mind

Omvana provides users with access to several meditation programs depending on their goals. Those include Live Envision, Better Sleep, Focus and many more. Each of them consists of several steps to complete by meditating. For example, Find Your Life Purpose, Deep Stillness or Jump Into a Purposeful Career. Basically, they are audio tracks with the voice of a teacher telling you what to concentrate upon.

Additionally, users can play background ambient music or soft beat to accompany the narrator. A convenient volume bar allows adjusting the balance between these two tracks. There are hundreds of sounds available with the possibility to mix them and create playlists. But you can always find more in the Meditation Music app.

The utility also offers classes on different subjects. The most basic one is called The 6 Phase Meditation. It contains 14 very short video lessons to help beginners. Additional content by various authors is available with the subscription.

A few meditations and ambient tracks are available for free. Furthermore, there is a seven days trial after you commit to the yearly access plan. Thus, if you do not like the app, you can cancel before they charge you.


  • ambient sounds to accompany the meditation;
  • classes and lessons to help beginners;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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