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Last version: 46.1.0

OkCupid – an application for Android that helps users build romantic relationships with each other. You can have conversations with various persons and find your love.

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Users can install this dating app and meet new people online. It is possible to check other members’s profiles and exchange messages. There is a search bar and recommendations that might help you find interesting people faster.

Once you created an account, it is recommended to provide some background information about yourself. For example, your interests and highlights that matter to you.

There are various tools that help you match your interests and know each other better. However, there is no availability to make video calls and have long conversations. If you would like to have such an option, you can download Google meetings.

Moreover, OkCupid provides you with the opportunity to go on dates in real life. This feature is also available in JAUMO. You can search for people who live near you and offer to go on a date. The app allows users to plan the place and the time of meetings in advance.


  • the app allows you to find people for dating and romantic relationships;
  • it is possible to have chats and know better each other;
  • the APK is free to download and use;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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