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NZ COVID is an application for Android that gives you the opportunity to trace your contacts and help to stop the spread of coronavirus disease in New Zealand.

Nz Covid Dashboard

Stopping COVID

The Ministry of Health of New Zealand has developed this app to improve the epidemiological situation in the country. You get the ability to use multiple tools in order to help authorities to detect new cases of the infection and protect citizens.

Users have the opportunity to notify the government about their visits to public places by scanning QR codes with smartphones. If someone nearby is reported sick with COVID, you will get immediate alert about this fact.

It is also possible to turn on Bluetooth in order to get notifications every time an infected person passes by. The whole system is completely anonymous and nobody has access to your personal information.

You can share your National Health Index number with the application as well. It allows scheduling medical tests faster in case of emergency.

There are a lot of similar utilities available on the website for different countries. For example, it is possible to use COVID Tracker Ireland.


  • allows you to inform the Ministry of Health of New Zealand about places you visit;
  • it is possible to get notification if you are near to an infected person;
  • there is the ability to share your National Health Index number;
  • free download for Android.
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