Night Candle

Night Candle: meditation, relax, sleep

Publish Date: May 16, 2019
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Night Candle: meditation, relax, sleep — relaxing app for Android devices that will help you in meditation, rest and sleep. The light that comes from the candle is captured by your vision and sent directly to your brain for processing. Because of our Association with candles, the body begins to relax, helping us to feel emotionally and physically. Some of the benefits of feeling relaxed include more energy, better sleep, increased immunity, less pain and a more pleasant personality.

We tend to associate candles with festive occasions, gathering around a birthday cake or enjoying a meal with someone special, but there are many soothing effects by candlelight. It’s scientifically proven that candles calm us. The gentle, mesmerizing quality of their light makes them the perfect companion for any relaxation routine. Creating scented candles turned out to change your mood.

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