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MyShake is an Android application developed by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley seismological laboratory. The utility recognizes tremors and can thus detect earthquakes.

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Seismological station

Users have the opportunity to analyze information about underground tremors and possibly avoid danger. In other words, the app is a miniature seismological station that collects data on these natural changes and analyses them.

To understand the situation, users place their device on a horizontal surface. MyShake tracks minor changes in position. It is worth mentioning that scientists have managed to achieve impressive accuracy of work. It means that the utility registers seismic tremors, for example, steps around the room.

By the way, your data is sent to a seismological laboratory of the university with GPS coordinates. All this is aimed at the opportunity to prepare and have time to save lives. As for your personal information, it is always confidential.

In the main section, you find a map of the world. There are red spots where the Earths crust is active. It is also important to learn about weather conditions. You may do this with BBC Weather.


  • the accurate definition of the movements of the Earths crust;
  • sending important data to the seismological center;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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